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download Windows6.1-KB917607-x64.msu

Around 225 delphi related downloads per day thank you for downloading Windows6.1-KB917607-x64.msu

Windows6.1-KB917607-x64.msu can be downloaded via this script but if you reached this page after clicking a result in any searchengine then you can use the menu on top to get to the page and download you were searching for. All downloads that are related to delphi 7 can be downloaded per categorie at the top of every page from every link at the left as well. In the near future I will also add such downloads for all delphi 2010 related files but I am in the process of adding them as we speak so please be patient. I had and still have a hard time when dividing or actually trying to divide my downloads in the category it should belong to. Since every form I create is also an application as well without exception, well to be honest all my files are executable with the only exception being the delphi components ofcourse. All the tutorials contain a sample project or demo too, so you can see that the code compiles correctly for the version of delphi it was intended for. So chances are that if you are looking for a delphi form that you can find it in nearly any categorie, and this counts for applications too though most people who visit my site are searching for the tutorials and forms, and they are the most fun to create as well



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